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Matin Etshaim Leather Strap "Foxy-20"

Matin Etshaim Leather Strap "Foxy-20"
Matin Etshaim Leather Strap "Foxy-20" Matin Etshaim Leather Strap "Foxy-20" Matin Etshaim Leather Strap "Foxy-20"
Product Code: STP-Foxy-20
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Price: RM120
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Material     : Front Side   : Genuine Leather.

                     Back Side   : Chamude
Width         : 20mm.
Color          : Red,WHITE, BLACK
-Etshaim leather strap "Foxy-20" was modeled after the fox head shape.Whose both side of surface is treated with engraving with high frequency after silk screen color printing and which makes this strap standout.
-Backside is made of quality non-slip material chamude and on it's surface.Matin characteristic logo and Etshaim emblem are engraved by hot stamping.
-The 12mm webbing allows the strap to sustain the weight of a camera,since it's connected through the main strap.
-Two sets of plastic webbing adjusters in white and black are included according to the customer's choice.(Leather strap-1PC,2 sets of adjuster-black,white(1set consist of 2PCS),O-ring-2PCS.
-The webbing adjusters have 2 kinds of color that fits your personality.The additional O-ring can be attached to a camera. 

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