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Brand: JOBY
Product Code: ACTION GRIP + POLE
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Availability: In Stock
Price: RM155
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  • Works with any Action Camera. Comes with built-in GoPro threads and thumbscrew, but also comes with Top Pin for use with any other action camera (1/4"-20 screw).
  • Floating handle with tether. The compact grip floats in water and also comes with a simple wrist strap so you'll never lose it.
  • Modular 18" (46cm) aluminum extension pole. The removable end cap allows you to attach the included pole or any broom or pole that has the standard painter's pole threading. You can even add multiple poles to make an extra long pole.



Action Grip and Pole

Get creative with your action camera

Capturing the ideal action shot from the right angle can be a challenge, but the Action Grip hand-grip makes it easy. Use the built-in Action Grip tether straps to secure the grip at the wrist or choose the Action Grip and Pole kit with an 18 inch aluminium pole to capture longer range shots and angles. With a grip designed to float, it can safely be used in or around water.

The ideal angle

A universal mount gives you the flexibility to use the grip with any action camera including GoPro, Contour and Sony. For added extension the end cap can be removed to attach any broom or pole that has the standard painter’s pole threading

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