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Bag Winer Backpack PD 1802

Bag Winer Backpack PD 1802
Bag Winer Backpack PD 1802 Bag Winer Backpack PD 1802 Bag Winer Backpack PD 1802
Product Code: BAG-PD1802
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Price: RM250
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Winer Backpack PD 1802 is able to fit a DSLR camera with a medium professional tele-photo lens. Not only that, it has enough storage for up to 4-6 extra lenses.

With built in unique cushioning, shock absorbing and waterproof cover, it provides full protection for your expensive gears in all conditions. Package also includes a rain cover to protect your bag from rain.

Winer Camera Bag Features:

  • Light and functional
  • Camera pocket, file pocket and extra-pocket in the front can put many items
  • Plastic mesh pocket for clothes or other things
  • Includes camera stand bag and waterproof cloth
  • Fluorescent fabric has safety indicative function during night or raining days

Additional Specifications:

Capacity Pro 35mm SLR with 80-200mm/2.8 lens attached,additional body, 4-6 lenses
Internal Dimension 28*38*12.5cm(W*H*D)
Colour Black
Material 1680D and 600D waterproof Polyester
Weight Approx. 1.2Kg


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