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Bag Winer Backpack PD1803

Bag Winer Backpack PD1803
Bag Winer Backpack PD1803 Bag Winer Backpack PD1803 Bag Winer Backpack PD1803
Product Code: BAG-PD1803
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Price: RM299
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This backpack can fit a full frame camera with a medium professional tele-photo lens (for eg. 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM). Besides that, it still have space for up to 4-6 backup lenses. With built in unique cushioning, shock absorbing and waterproof cover, it provides full protection for your expensive gears in all conditions.

Designed to meet the need of professional photographers to carry around dozen of gears with them. It is multi-functional and light-weight. Besides camera compartment, it has compartments to fit in a laptop, documents, pens, accessories etc.
Full spec:
  • size: 28 (width) x 38 (height) x 12.5 + 3.5 (thick) cm
  • fully customizable foam padded camera compartments
  • Tripod/ monopod compartment
  • Flourescent fabric design for safety.
  • Laptop compartment


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