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5 in 1 Reflector Set 60 x 90 cm (wide)

5 in 1 Reflector Set 60 x 90 cm (wide)
5 in 1 Reflector Set 60 x 90 cm (wide)
Brand: DIGIeye
Product Code: RFL-5IN1-60X90
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Price: RM99
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5 in 1 Reflector Set 60 x 90 cm (wide)

5 in 1 Reflector Set size 60cm x 90cm that comes with 5 colors: White, Gold, Silver, Black and Translucent. This is a wide type of reflector that enables wider and longer coverage without blocking the view of photographer (especially when shooting in a group) compared to round reflector with similar coverage.

Reflector is an essential tool in professional photography. It helps the photographer to create professional lighting effect without sophisticated tools like off camera flash trigger. This set comes with 5 colors for you to choose from. 5 different colors give out 5 different effects in different shooting scenarios. 
White: Neutral color effect
Gold: Creates warm tones
Silver: Creates neutral color but brighter than white
Translucent: To diffuse harsh lighting (for eg. sun light)
Black: To eliminate reflections from reflective surface (for eg glass). Can use it to shield off light source that creates harsh reflections. 

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