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5 in 1 Light Multi Photo Collapsible Reflector-80CM

5 in 1 Light Multi Photo Collapsible Reflector-80CM
Brand: DIGIeye
Product Code: RFL-5IN1-80CM
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Availability: In Stock
Price: RM99
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1. 5 IN 1 Reflector total 5 colors to choose from 
2. Make the photo looks more soft 
3. Convenient to use and good quality

5 IN 1 Reflector:

1. The gold side of the disc creates a sunset effect that makes warm and soft skin tones that are suitable for portraiture.

2. The silver side of the disc provide a sharp contrast light that is suitable for still life, merchandise photography and portraiture as well.

3. Fine surface texture can be highlighted and color saturation can be improved by the intensive reflected light. Also frequently used in B/W photography.

4. The white side of the disc prodeces a very soft ,almost shadowless reflected light.

5. The black side of the disc can be used to shield undesired light (eliminating reflections), or create dramatic lighting effects.

6. The white translucent disc can be used in a “shoot through” position to create soft, diffusing and wrapping light, excellent for portraiture, often referred to as "the poor photographer's soft box".


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