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Brand: Canon
Product Code: CANON ET
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Availability: In Stock
Price: RM150
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  • One leg can be removed and can be used as Monopod
  • Aluminium 4 section tripod
  • Reverse photo taking
  • N.W.: 1112G
  • Folded height: 510MM
  • Max operation height: 1530MM
  • with Tripod Bag



Compact, lightweight, stability, weight bearing, and can regulate the use of multiple perspectives, including a pin can be used as a monopod, origin and distribution of portable backpack, easy to carry out 

Angle adjustment method: There are four adjustable angle stand, protective cap on the "inverted triangle" were aligned legs 1,2,3,4 can be obtained on the angle you need. 

  • 1 Rotate the legs to directly align the protective cap on the number of the "inverted triangle", please note that rotating the leg before to ensure that the legs and can lift the tube is parallel to the state, otherwise the legs will be positioned and can not rotate. 
  • 2 Select the number you need to fully open after the tube feet fixed position. All selected the same number of legs, tripod can take the balance, in case of complex terrain, the legs can not figure selected to meet different needs. 

Pour shot function: 

  • 1 so that the legs of the "0" point over the protective cap on the "inverted triangle" 
  • 2 legs completely flip the opposite direction, according to "the angle adjustment method" you need to adjust the angle, that can shoot down function. 


Belly tripod to use: 

Legs with foam grip can be removed to use as a monopod. 
Removal method: 
1 so that the legs of the "0" point over the protective cap on the "inverted triangle." 
2 fully open legs to 90 degrees vertical, counter-clockwise to remove the legs. 
3 installation, follow the same method clockwise tighten legs, note demolition and installation time to keep the leg in 90 degrees vertical. 
4 can be used as needed with the head.



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