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Eureka Auto Dry Box DX-76

Eureka  Auto  Dry Box  DX-76
Brand: EuReKa
Product Code: DX-76
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Availability: In Stock
Price: RM1,033
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Product Description

Sliding Trays

  • Slide them in and out for convenient storage & retrieval
  • Adjust their height & insert detachable dividers to safely store and organize itmes of many different shapes and sizes.


  • Extremely flexible space
    With the adjustable upper & lower shelves, it is suitable for storing big and high itmes.
  • Organized and easy clean up
    With the ability to divide the sliding trays into different areas, itmes can be well organized.
  • Convenient storage & retrieval
    With the Sliding Trays, not only that you can divide into different areas, but also that you can adjust the height of each tray for many different shapes & sizes.


  • Automatic 25~55%RH at ambient temperature
  • Prevention of wetness, fungus, dust, oxidation, aging & rust
  • Totally silent operation
  • Maintenance free
  • No consuming parts required
  • Minimal electricity consumption


RH Range

25%~ 55%RH

External Size (W x H x D cm)

40 x 55.5 x 41.2



Sliding Trays


Capacity (Liter)





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